Why Headaches Are Cause By Eyeglasses

Many people are used to wearing eyeglasses because they have been wearing them for so long. If you have been diagnosed with a prescription from early childhood, then you are most certainly one of these individuals. It is a well know fact that eyeglasses are designed to correct vision problems and take away the symptoms associated with needing glasses in the first place. These symptoms may include blurred vision, spots, sore eyes and headaches. Sometimes, the glasses themselves are responsible for causing the headache. If you wear glasses and find that you experience headaches on a regular basis or even once in a while, take the time to investigate why it may be happening, because wearing eyeglasses shouldn’t cause you any pain. Glasses are essentially a medical device that is designed to heal, not to cause discomfort and pain.

One way that eyeglasses will cause a headache is if the prescription needs to be updated and you’re experiencing eyestrain looking through the old one. Just like when you get a headache from not wearing glasses when you need them, the same can happen if you require a stronger prescription with the glasses you have. When the prescription in your eyeglasses isn’t strong enough, your eye is going to strain to correct the issue, and a headache will often be the result. You may notice the headache behind your eyes, in your temples, or behind your forehead. It’s important to go see your eye doctor if it happens. The condition of your vision can change anytime, so if you notice headaches before your regularly scheduled eye appointment, go see the doctor anyway. There’s no need to wait for a new prescription if you’re in pain.

Another way that eyeglasses can cause headaches is when you have frames that don’t fit your face properly. If you gain weight, or when a child or teen’s head continues to grow, glasses can begin tightening up at certain points and cause a headache. If the glasses are too tight or pinch a little on the bridge of nose, the result may be a headache. If the arms of the glasses aren’t wide enough for the head, they might squeeze the temples and cause a headache. Even if the eyeglasses don’t fit properly around the ears, it could end up resulting in a headache. It’s important to take the time to have your eyeglasses fitted correctly when you first get them, and to go in for some tinkering if the shape or size of your face has changed. As with the prescription, there’s no need to sit idly by and suffer if a few adjustments will take the headaches away.

Always keep in mind that glasses are there to make your life easier, not create discomfort. There are types of cheap glasses available that fit every size and shape of face, so finding the right pair for yours shouldn’t be too difficult. Just remember to pay attention to your eyesight and take the advice of your optician when choosing frames.

Get the right glasses for your face, and you should never have a headache from your glasses again.

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